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PROEL FLASH12XDActive processed 2-way loudspeaker systemWith FLASH X PROEL introduces the third generation of a series of loudspeakers that represented a reference for compact, portable systems for years. The new FLASH8XD and FLASH12XD continue a long history of high-definition sound, reliability and rugged construction in an affordable package, adding now significant steps forward in technology and a brand new style, and still offering the best-in-class performance, features and design.FLASH XD are powered by newly designed amplifier modules able to provide up to 1000W or 600W of clean and undistorted power. The high-efficiency Class D output stages, combined with light-weight and compact Switch Mode Power Supply, give FLASH XD a massive punch and a consistent reserve of power. The built-in 2-channel mixer with independent LINE and MIC inputs can turn any FLASH XD system into an instant PA system.The use of carefully selected and customized speakers, including high-definition compression drivers and long-excursion woofers, provide an accurate acoustic response and an amazing sound pressure level with very low distortion.FLASH XD are controlled by the powerful PROEL CORE LT DSP, featuring high-performance signal processing and high-definition 24bit converters, capable to deliver an outstanding sound definition and a dynamic performance typical of top-end systems. The CORE DSP signal processing includes a sophisticated Dynamic EQ, able to shape accurately the system’s sound while maintaining a full dynamic range at any level. In addition the CORE LT DSP offers an extensive dynamic protection to the system, for getting always the maximum undistorted output. 5 EQ PRESETS (MUSIC, LIVE, DJ, SPEECH, MONITOR) can be easily selected to adapt the speakers to any kind of application.Common features of FLASH X are compact and lightweight PP cabinets with extended internal ribbing and symmetrical wedge angle, constant wide-coverage (90° x 60°) horns for a uniform and coherent sound dispersion, newly-designed ergonomic aluminum handles and built-in flying points for the use in fixed installation.• 2-way loudspeaker system• 1” high-definition compression driver with 1.35” VC and titanium diaphragm• Wide-coverage 90° x 60° constant directivity horn• 12” long-excursion woofer with 2.5” voice coil• 1000 W peak Class D power amplifier with SMPS• High-definition CORE LT DSP with Dynamic EQ• 5 DSP presets (MUSIC, LIVE, DJ, MONITOR, SPEECH)• MIC and LINE inputs with independent level control• SPL MAX: 127 dB• Frequency response: 55 Hz - 20 kHz• Lightweight, compact and ultra-durable PP cabinet• 3 ergonomic aluminum handles for effortless transportation• Slanted symmetrical shape for the use as a stage monitor• Four M10 flying points