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2 way beater;Felt and synthetics;With balance weight;Beater weight 105 g;
kr 421,00
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Noise-Reducing Beater for Practicing with Roland V-Drums
kr 200,00
Black Sheep Beater;Black stained maple beater;With detachable plastic cover;Beater weight 102 g;
kr 841,00
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Acrylic G-Class beater;Includes three 5.2g magnetic cylinder weights (5,2g);For tailored balance and perfect feel;
kr 410,00
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G5 is based on G-Class Design;Chrome-plated end cap;90g;
kr 325,00
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Self-Aligning Kick Drum Beater for Roland Kick Trigger Pads
kr 270,00
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Wood shaft distributes weight for a unbelievable sense of balance and throw. The VKB5 unlocks a sense of touch and control that is simply not attainable with other beaters on the market.
kr 490,00
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