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Pearl Compact Traveler 10" Add On Tom | 10" Tom Tom

Produsent: Pearl
SKU: 0506719
kr 1 299,00
10" Add On for Compact Traveler PCTK-1810 (Mount clamp NOT included)
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As add on for Pearl's Compact Traveler 2-pc Drum Kit PCTK-1810, now tunable 10" Tom Tom is available. Using with tunable 18" Bass Drum and 10" Snare drum frames to pitch each drum head into a playable drum set platform, the Compact Traveler's interconnecting system allows real tone in a tight setting that folds up flat for easy storage and transport. PCTK-T10 add on floor tom, available with an optional carrying case PSC-PCTKADD. •Add On 10" Tom Tom for PCTK-1810 •Accepts standard drum head •Drum key tunable