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HD PITCH Mini Pedal Tuner
Fast-Read Tuning Screen w/ different tuning visuals
True Bypass / Buffered Bypass modes
Ultra-fast response, precise tuning
A4 Calibration (436HZ - 445HZ)

Precise Tuning / Signal Correction

NUX HD PITCH Mini Pedal Tuner is a precise tuner with full colored LED screen and HD visuals. 
And it is perfect to be "first" in a signal chain. 

When you engage the pedal, it's an accurate tuner. 
When you disengage the pedal, it's a signal buffer (in Buffer Bypass mode).

Tuner Overview
This Mini-Pedal Tuner is a whole new breed, created and developed with our latest technology 
yielding an ultra-fast response time, and unmatched precision tuning.  It has 2 bright LED 
screens that display: notes, tuning, calibration, and bypass mode.

Tuning Visual 1 Arrow Mode
Tune your instrument until the LED indicator at the center is lit. If the LED is on left the pitch is flat, 
LED is on right the pitch is sharp.

Tuning Visual 2 Strobe Mode
Tune your instrument until the LED indicator stops running. The LED indicators will be running from 
right to left if the pitch is SHARP, and left to right if the pitch is FLAT.

Bypass Mode
HD pitch mini pedal tuner offers selectable True Bypass and Buffer Bypass modes to deliver your signals 
according to your needs in the effect pedal chain.
Switching the Bypass Mode: 
Before you plug the power cable, hold the foot-switch then connect the power.  
Note display screen will show the selected mode.
True Bypass mode: Pedal will MUTE the sound during the tuning.

Buffer Bypass mode: When tuning, you can switch between SILENT and AUDIO-ASSIST modes. 
And when you switch between Silent Mode and Audio-Assist, tuning screen displays the mode as shown below.

Besides audio-assist or silent tuning, HD PITCH Tuners Bypass mode selection is designed to be more 
efficient in any case of signal chain needs.
True Bypass, which is preferred the most, you can think of HD PITCH Tuner's Input directly wired to the Output. 
When the pedal is in bypass mode, the guitar signal is routed to the next pedal without any interference.
But HD PITCH Tuner's Buffer Bypass mode allows you to avoid some true bypass circumstances and your 
guitar signal will reach the end of your chain without any tone loss.

Altered Signal 

HD PITCH Tuner is perfect to be the first pedal in the chain.

Optional Buffer Bypass
Modern musicians are usually connecting more than 5 pedals on the pedalboard. According to the guitar, 
the pickup is high impedance, while you connected with many pedals OR with long cables, and with tone 
sucking pedals, you need to change the guitar signal from High Z (high impedance) to Low Z (low impedance) 
to solve Tone Loss situation (capacitance & inductance effect). And each pedal will carry the buffered signal 
which is very convenient if you already added some modulation effects into the signal path.  And the best 
position for the buffer is the first place. That's also where the tuner placed, and we combine the tuner and 
the buffer into a mini size to save your pedalboard space.

Why Relay Buffer?
There are 3 typical buffer circuit designs: OP-AMP, BJT, and FET. The FET buffer circuit could generate
Even Harmonics. This is quite similar to tube amplifiers, which almost every musician loves.

And Relay Buffer has the same performance as FET buffer, we add the optional buffer bypass function 
as FET buffer works for your guitar signal.