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NUX Mighty Air

Produsent: NUX
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NUX Mighty Air
Mighty Air User Manual 

Wireless Stereo Modelling Amplifier with Bluetooth

- 2 x 2-inch speakers with a passive bass radiator
- 4 + 4 watt power
- Rechargeable Internal Battery - Up to 18 hours playing time
- Effects - Noise Gate, Touch Wah, Uni Vibe, Phaser, Tremolo, Boost, TS Drive, Bass TS, Fuzz, 
  Chorus, ST Chorus, Flanger, Analog Delay, Digital Delay, Tape Echo, Ping-Pong Delay, 
  Spring Reverb, Hall Reverb, Plate Reverb, Room Reverb
- Electric Guitar Amplifier Models - Twin Verb, JZ120, Tweed DLX, Plexi, Top Boost 30, Lead 100, 
  Fireman, DIE VH4, Recto
- Electric Guitar Amplifier Cabinets (Impulse Response) - V1960, A212, BS410, DR112, GB412, 
  JZ120, TR212, V412
- Acoustic Guitar Modelling for electric Guitar (Impulse Response) - G Humming Bird, G J15, 
  M D45, G J200, G J45, TL 314, M HD28
- Acoustic Guitar Simulator Amplifier Models - NUX Optima, NUX Stageman
- Bass Guitar Amplifier Models - NUX Melvin Lee Davis, AGL
- Bass Guitar Amplifier Cabinets (Impulse Response) - BS410, AGL DB810, AMP SV810, MBK 410, 
  TRC 410
- Electric Guitar Channels - Clean, Overdrive, Distortion and Acoustic Guitar Simulator
- Bass Guitar Channels - Pop, Rock and Funk

NUX Mighty Air is a wireless stereo modelling guitar / bass amplifier with Bluetooth connectivity 
and a dedicated app that can enhance your tone from your Android and iOS devices. It can serve 
you for bedroom practice, pre-show warming up, travel entertainment and more.Wireless Stereo 
Modelling Amplifier with Bluetooth