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Mighty 8 BT Portable Amplifier

NUX Mighty 8BT
- 8 watt
- 3 sound presets: Clean, Overdrive and Distortion. Each preset can be customized
- Microphone and Instrument inputs
- 12 variety of guitar effects and Reverb Send control for Microphone input
- Bluetooth connection
- Battery powered: Up to 8 hours of play time with 8 AA size high performance batteries
- Easy to carry with the amplifier strap (included), 2.6kg
- Mobile application for iOS and Android devices 

*For Android Users;
Usually, connecting your device to the Mighty series amplifiers is the same as connecting 
a Bluetooth speaker. Open the Bluetooth and scan for the devices, select the amplifier and done.

If you are having a connection problem;
You might need set the location access manually, please check the Bluetooth > Location settings 
on your device. The setting is either ACCESS COARSE LOCATION or ACCESS FINE LOCATION.  

When your device is successfully connected. You can broadcast music now. Open the Mighty APP and select 
Bluetooth Options on the right bottom (touch the Bluetooth logo). Normally you can see your device name 
on the screen here, if it's not on the screen; touch the Select Device and choose your amplifier. 
Now you can activate the MIDI control and you can control your amplifier with your mobile device.

More Than Expected Features
NUX Mighty 8 BT 8 watt portable guitar amplifier have all the features you need to rock on the streets! 
Instrument and microphone inputs, effects, Bluetooth connection for broadcasting your music to play 
along or you can use 1/8-inch aux input. And you can download the free mobile application to reach 
more exclusive features.

Equipped with the perfect-quality hardware to get the best sound for guitar playing and singing. 
NUX Mighty 8 BT is a small size yet powerful and musical sound guitar amplifier.

For the guitar input; there are CLEAN, OVERDRIVE and DISTORTION Sound presets you can customize and 
save your tone on each one. And you can control the Gain and Tone levels, Modulation and Delay effects 
Rate and Level parameters with master Reverb to use 3 effects simultaneously. 

For the Mic input; You can adjust the volume and control the Reverb Send which allows you to adjust 
the master Reverb for your guitar and microphone separately.

Built-in Drum Machine
There are 9 different style drum beats and a metronome you can play along with. Turn the Drum Volume 
knob and drum will start playing, you can use the TAP button to set the drum/metronome speed. To change 
the drum style; push and hold the TAP button and turn the Drum Volume knob while holding it. 

You can also use the mobile application to control the drum machine
Beat List;
Ballad Rock

Beautiful Sound Colorization
There are 4 Modulation effects you can choose and adjust easily with your mobile device or tablet. 
Also, you can adjust the Mix level of the selected effect quickly on the amplifier's panel.

Echoes to the Sky
There are 4 Delay and 4 Reverb effects you can choose and adjust the Decay, Speed and Mix levels 
including the TAP TEMPO with the mobile application. 

After you customize your tone, you can simply save and store your own tone. You can power up the 
amplifier with the 9V power adapter (included) or you can use 8 AA size batteries (not included) 
to play anywhere. Easy to carry and lightweight, you can easily attach or remove the strap on 
the amplifier.

Also there is a backingtrack library recorded in different keys and music styles to have fun and practice. 
But dont forget that the internet is a huge library, you can also jam with any of your music in your 
device or just play on Youtube as well.

Free Mobile Phone/Tablet Application
Control EVERYTHING remotely with the Mighty APP, it is free to download on Apple Store and Google Play*. 
The application allow you to customize any preset and store it for later use. You can change effect 
types and adjust the parameters, and there is a Noise Gate with Threshold and Sustain control.

You can also use app to control the built-in drum machine and change the style, adjust the volume, 
and either you can use the slider or tap tempo to set the drum/metronome speed.