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NUX Loop Core Deluxe Bundle
A Quick Look at Loop Core Deluxe

With the upgraded hardware, the new Loop Core Deluxe allows you to record loop phrases up 
to 8 hours with unlimited layers in 24-bit high resolution audio quality into 99 internal memories.

Loop Core Deluxe`s Drum Rhythm
Nothing feels better than playing your guitar along with realistic drum rhythms. 
Loop Core Deluxes all-new drum machine comes with 40 different drum rhythms (30 in 4/4, 10 in 3/4) 
covering different styles of genres including rock, pop, blues, jazz and much more.

Stop Modes
To finish your playing, you can choose 3 different modes:
1- NORMAL MODE: Double tap - Instant Stop
2- FINISH MODE: Plays until the end of the last measure
3- FADE OUT MODE: 10 seconds Fade-Out

Importing and Backing up Your Loop Phrases
Connect your Loop Core Deluxe to your PC/Mac with Mini-B USB connector to import available loop phrases
or to back up yours. Loop Core Deluxe is only compatible with 24-bit/44.1kHz WAV files.

Loop Core Deluxe Bundle
LOOP CORE BUNDLE includes additional NMP-2 DUAL Footswitch.  Absolutely, the easiest way to switch between 
loop phrases. Your recordings for verse, chorus, and bridge parts, can now be seamlessly accessed 
w/ a convenient DUAL footswitch.


Frequency Compensation & Cabinet Simulation
To ensure the exact tone you desire, Loop Core Deluxe is designed with frequency compensation 
for drums and a cabinet simulator for using stereo output to a mixer.

Stereo Output Connection Ways
When using Loop Core Deluxe as the below situation, it will detect the type of devices connected. 
The original guitar tone and loop phase will output to guitar amplifier while drum machine sound 
output to the mixer.

Your Stereo Output comes w/ several options: to amp, output guitar signal or to mixer, output 
drum machine. Loop Core Deluxe will detect the type of the device you are using and the original 
guitar tone and loop phase will output to your guitar amplifier while the drum machine sound
will output to the mixer.

True Bypass or Buffer Bypass
Loop Core Deluxe is designed with a switchable buffer bypass and true bypass.  
The choice is yours!  Already, have a buffer bypass pedal?  Use it!  This system 
fits your needs.

Automatic Tempo Detection
Loop Core users are already familiar with the many hidden treasures of our original Loop Core such as
automatic tempo detection.  You can easily lay down a loop w/out a metronome or any drum patterns.  
Add a drum pattern later, and Loop Core Deluxe will automatically process your tempo to match the pattern.    
No technical details to fumble with; just enjoy your music!
Loop Core Deluxe vs Original Loop Core:
 * Better recording sound quality (24-bit vs. 16-bit)
 * Longer recording time (8 hours vs. 6 hours)
 * Upgraded drum machine with more realistic drum sounds
 * Equipped with NMP-2 Dual Footswitch control pedal for ultimate user experience
 * Frequency compensation & cabinet simulation

Put your own music into Loop Core Deluxe
You can convert any audio file to make it compatible for Loop Core Deluxe. Y
ou can download the Nux Audio Converter software free. (Check the pict)