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Music Area Dragon-EB

Produsent: Music Area
SKU: 7190182
kr 2 799,00
Kvalitetsbag til elektrisk bass med 30 mm polstring og S-formet skulderrem
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Unique fabrics and skilled workers are the key factors that make us an unshakable leader in the industry. The fabrics of all products that are customized by our unique formula are water-proof, moisture-proof, mildew-proof, unfading and have RoHS & REACH Certificate of Compliance which meets EU environmental policy. The sewing techniques of our products are processed by the skilled workers who have been working for us for over 15 years. Features: Designed to fit an electric bass guitar Ultra-thick pads all over the interior of the case Adjustable padded neck cradle Removable strap pin protection pad Large front storage pockets Reinforced side haul handle Extra front handle and back handle S-type shoulder straps with massage cushions Special pocket for shoulder straps A rain cover is included The zippers have been under mechanical test over 8000 times PVC foot pad protects the case bottom from rub and aging Padded Neck Cradle Two padded neck cradles are firmly in place so the headstock is fully protected against backward drops and side-to-side impacts. Strap Pin Protection The 40mm thick pad protects the strap pin from shock-damage and it's removable or relocated for different size of body size. Pockets Below The case has 3 pockets at the lower position: a small one, a medium one and a large one. There is an inner bag in the medium pocket and a compartment in the large pocket. The independent compartments help you well organize your items. Upper Pocket There are 2 pockets at the upper part of the case: a small one and a large one. In the large pocket, there are 3 compartments. The independent compartments help you well organize your items. Side Net Pocket There's a net pocket on the side where you can place your water bottle or umbrella. Hard-Wearing PVC Pad Wavy shaped bottom pad with PVC hard-wearing molecules is wear-resistant, anti-aging and well protects the bottom case. Hideable Straps Shoulder straps can be hidden in a pocket to prevent you being stumbled by stepping on them when you carry by the side-handle. Industrial Zippers All Music Area zippers which have passed through the mechanical tests by zipping and unzipping over 8000 times have a super long service life. Side Handle The reinforced side-handle padded with soft memory foam and fixed firmly by zinc alloy rivets provides you a comfortable and sturdy grip. Shoulder Straps S-shaped shoulder straps are ergonomically designed to reduce the burden on the shoulders. Back Handle The back handle allows you to use it uprightly in line to avoid inconveniencing other people by lifting the case with the side handle. Front Handle The front handle allows you to use it uprightly in line to avoid inconveniencing other people by lifting the case with the side- handle. Rain Cover Dragon series is not waterproof and a rain cover is needed, you can find it in the bottom pocket of the back. Material Composing from outside to side: Top & Back: Gilt Canvas Polyurethane Foam (3mm) EPE (5mm) PP Honeycomb Plate (4mm) EPE(10mm) Polyurethane Foam (5mm) Polyester Velboa Fabric Sides: Gilt Canvas Polyurethane Foam (3mm) EVA(5mm) EPE (15mm) Polyurethane Foam (5mm) Polyester Velboa Fabric Internal dimensions Length: 1194 mm / 47 ins Lower Bout Width: 394 mm / 15.5 ins Upper Bout Width: 343 mm / 13.5 ins Depth: 64 mm / 2.5 ins Net Weight: 4.2 kg /9.26 lbs