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Miktek C5

Produsent: Miktek
SKU: 3069786
kr 6 995,00

Kondensatormikrofon med nyre-karakteristikk

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High-performance Pencil Mic
The small-diaphragm condenser microphone is a critical studio tool — and the Miktek C5 is a great choice for this important job. From drum overheads, hi-hats, and percussion to acoustic guitar, piano, strings, and woodwinds, the C5 faithfully captures the fast transients and rich nuance of the source. And thanks to its high SPL handling, the C5 performs beautifully on brass instruments as well. Miktek packed tons of value into the C5. Its diminutive "pencil mic" form factor is easy to get into tight spaces, and it's fitted with Miktek's MK5a 1/2" cardioid capsule, which offers a full-bodied, super-linear response. The C5 also comes with Miktek's MK5b omnidirectional capsule, which doubles the versatility of this little wonder. Thanks to its meticulous design and hand-selected components, the Miktek C5 delivers the warmth and sweet musicality we associate with coveted vintage mics.

Handcrafted quality and top-drawer parts
Miktek handcrafts the C5 using top-drawer, internationally sourced components. The head amplifier is designed around an AMI T5 transformer and other high-quality components, including hand-selected transistors. Tight tolerances are observed, and special attention is paid to precise machining of the backplate and acoustical porting to produce an off-axis response that ensures accuracy.

Upgrade your mic locker with this little gem
When you're ready to treat yourself to a "big league" small-diaphragm condenser microphone, the Miktek C5 really shines. With its high-quality components and warm, linear response, the C5 is an outstanding value. You even get a serialized frequency-response graph (from your actual microphone) that Miktek captured during final testing in Nashville, Tennessee.


  • Great drum overhead microphone, also excellent on acoustic instruments
  • MK5a cardioid capsule with 5-micron Mylar evaporated-gold diaphragm
  • Includes MK5b omnidirectional capsule
  • Handcrafted using top-drawer components, including hand-selected transistors and an AMI T5 transformer
  • Individual serialized frequency-response graph
  • Comes in a wood presentation case with a mic clip
  • Requires +48-volt phantom power


• MK5a 0.5-inch Cardioid Capsule with 5-micron Mylar, Evaporated Gold Diaphragm
• MK5b Omni Capsule included
• AMI T5 Transformer
• Hand-selected Transistors
• Individual serialized Frequency Response Graph
• Available as a single mic in a wood Presentation Case with Mic Clip; or
• Available as a stereo matched pair with wood Presentation Case with Mic Clips, Shock-mounts, Windscreens, Stereo Bar Set, in a rugged aluminum carrying case