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MARKBASS SUPER SIGNAL CABLE 3,3m jack jackMB SUPER SIGNAL CABLES (custom design jack connectors)Jack/Jack: 10.8 feet | 3,3 mtCONNECTING ENDS: our cables feature custom design jack connectors, hand-soldered in our laboratories at our factory in Italy, where they also receive several quality control tests.The joint where the jack connector attaches to the cable is a point of weakness pluggin it in or out or yank the cable and we pay the utmost attention to how the guitar cable’s end is connected.SHIELDING: the superior shielding quality of our MB cables avoids any external interference so no hum, radio signal and fluorescent lights noise, etc. cannot interfere with your signal.RELIABILITY: it’s very important getting a super reliable cable that's capable to face the road test where it's repeatedly going to be stepped on, rolled over, pull in and out of intruments, amps, pedals... on the MB cables we chose a special hi-quality OFC - 7mm coating which not only feels great and flexible offering structural durability but it also prevents "memory" effect and tangles. LENGHT: 10.8 feet with Straight to Straight Jacks. to cover needs for any kind of application, from your bedroom to the studio or on stage, always preserving signal qualityHI-QUALITYThe MB cables are much more than just well-built premium cables, they are made from the highest quality components and tested one-by-one at our facility.If you demand the best, here it is!