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Markbass MINI CMD 151 PFifteen-inch speakers used to sound big and dumb, lacking definition... But our 15s custom-made speakers, will change the way you think about speaker sizes!SPEAKER: 1x15"TWEETER: piezoBASS REFLEX: rearIMPEDANCE: 8 ohmsSPEAKER POWER HANDLING:400W RMS (AES Standard)AMP OUTPUT POWER:500W RMS @ 4 ohms / 300W RMS @ 8 ohmsPREAMP: solid stateFREQUENCY RESPONSE: 40 Hz to 18 kHzCROSSOVER FREQUENCY: 3.5 kHzSENSITIVITY: 100 dB SPLWEIGHT: 18.5 KgHEIGHT: 46.4 cmWIDTH: 46.4 cmDEPTH: 48 cmThe Mini CMD 151P is the best-sounding and most compact 1x15 combo out there, sending out 300W of power through a single Markbass custom neodymium speaker and piezotweeter. Highly portable and astoundingly loud for its size, this combo gets even louder when connected to an extension cabinet, most effectively the New York 151.The practical solution for those who like the sound of 15” speakers. MARKBASS MINI CMD 151 P produktark