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MARKBASS MB JP White Battered 4 VG MP

Produsent: Markbass
SKU: 2583665
kr 23 262,00
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MARKBASS MB JP White Battered 4 VG MPOur amazing team has blended all the most sought after features by a high percentage of bassists into a single instrument.Indeed it’s a great example of balance, simplicity and functionality; we added a vintage look to our design and allowed total expression of any bass player thanks to our awesome MB Instrument Pre on board.HARDWAREMarkbass Custom machine heads, F Style | 20:1 ratio, ultra light, precise and reliable. Markbass Die cast bridge, lightweight, simple and functional in a perfect vintage style.VINTAGE (VG)PICKUPSSingle coil J style passive pickups custom designed on Markbass specs, perfectly matching Markbass electronic, 70’ style layout. ELECTRONICWe couldn’t choose a better electronic than the Markbass for this instrument.VOLUME/ VOLUME/TONE controls a definitely the best to manage the J/J pick up configuration and the TONE control (working also in the passive mode) lets the player move from Jaco or Motown style tones to more modern and open sounds. BASS/MIDDLE/HIGH controls on the active EQ section add a modern character to this vintage flavoured instrument, delivering a balanced and defined tone even using extreme settings.BODY LIGHTWEIGHT ALDERNECK HARD MAPLE FINGERBOARD MAPLE (MP)MB BASS BAG STANDARD (included)