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Produsent: Markaudio
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Markaudio AC System 2PRIS ER PR STKThe AUDIO CHAIN is an innovative portable PA system-concept with outstanding, accurate sound! Chose the AUDIO CHAIN System that fits your needs, whatever the application: from small to large audiences, any kind of event or permanet installation. Let the audience hear your Music ai its Best! Always hear everyting, everywhere in the venue!Thanks to its adjustable loudspeaker chain, the AUDIO CHAIN can fit for different application and configuration:-STRAIGHT The AC System accurately reproduces your Music offering many modular configuration options.You can set the AC System 1 and AC System 2 in a straight configuration, optimizing the height of the satellites column to have the chain lets you hear at the best every last detail.-J SHAPE The AC System satellites chain design allows to angle each single AC1 from 0° to 30°, obtaining the optimal J-shape column configuration to offer a perfect listening experience. Hearing everything, everywhere properly enhances the performance and pleases the audience. -TRUSS MOUNT -WALL MOUNT--------------------------MAIN FEATURES:TOTAL POWER 2.000 W126 dB max SPLFREQUENCY RESPONSE 50 Hz - 20 kHz4x4" neodymium full-range woofer2x10" subwoofer90° x 30° slightly tilted pattern controlInnovative DSP processorModularity, pole mountable, easy to use and to transportAdjustable shape (Straight, J-shape) MULTIPLE APPLICATIONS:ONE MAN BAND, SMALL BAND to BIG ORCHESTRA, PIANO BAR, CLUBS and DJ SET, HOME AND MOVIE THEATER, CONFERENCE HALL, CHURCHESACOUSTICALFREQUENCY RESPONSE : 50 Hz - 20 KhzMAX SPL : 126 dBHORIZONTAL COVERAGE ANGLE : 90°VERTICAL COVERAGE ANGLE : 30°SATELLITES : 4 x 4”, 16 OhmSUB : 2 x 10” , 4 Ohm INPUT/OUTPUTINPUT CONNECTORS : Jack - XLR female - AUXOUTPUT CONNECTORS : XLR maleINPUT SENSITIVITY : -1,1 dBu (@ 1 kHz) PROCESSORCROSSOVER FREQUENCIES : 180 HzPROTECTIONS : Thermal, rmsLIMITER : Soft limiterCONTROLS : Volume, EQ AMPLIFIERTOTAL POWER (4ohm) : 2.000 W PEAKHIGH FREQ. POWER (4ohm) : 1.000 W PEAKLOW FREQ. POWER (4ohm) : 1.000 W PEAKTOTAL POWER RMS (4ohm) : 1.000 W RMSHIGH FREQ. POWER RMS (4Ohm) : 500 W RMSLOW FREQ. POWER RMS (4Ohm) : 500 W RMSCOOLING : ConvectionCONNECTIONS : VDE connector CABINETCABINET MATERIAL : Multiply poplarHANDLES : 2 SidePOLE MOUNT/CAP : YesCOLOUR : Black PHYSICALSYSTEM HEIGHT (Vertical Sub) : min 143 cm (56') / max 188 cm (74'')SYSTEM HEIGHT (Horizontal Sub) : min 125cm (49") / max 170cm (67'')SYSTEM WIDHT : 43cm (17'')SYSTEM DEPTH : 48cm (19'')SATELLITES WEIGHT : 3 kg (6,6 lbs)SUBWOOFER WEIGHT : 23 kg (50,7 lbs)TOTAL WEIGHT : 26 kg (57,3 lbs) ACCESSORIESOPTIONALS : Satellites transport bag includedOPTIONALS : Subwoofer cover optional