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Sleigh bells;12 strong sounding bells;
kr 419,00
5+ på lager
LP Sleigh Bells are the only way to get that traditional holiday sound that everyone knows and loves. Made of bells attached to fabric strips and mounted to a wooden handle, the 12-bell model is great for lower volume situations while the 25-bell model really cuts through live music.
kr 636,00
5+ på lager
Unique instrument that creates a wave of eerie, saw blade-like sounds through varied pitches;Bend the spring steel with thumb pressure as the wooden balls strike the surface;
kr 618,00
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Made from carefully selected natural gourds;Includes wooden scraper to get that classic güiro sound;Length: approx. 15'';Due to natural gourd selection, sizes may vary;
kr 1 169,00
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Body: Plastic (Yenigor);Length: 13,5" (35 cm);Diameter: 12 cm;Ergonomically formed finger holes;2 scrapers (LP249B wood & LP243B plastic);Fitting mount (optional): LP592A-X Mic Claw;
kr 469,00
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Vibra-Slap, perkusjon med "buzzete" eller raslete lyd
kr 645,00
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Metal frame;Wood sound box;Percussion for buzzing sounds;
kr 1 050,00
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Patented LP Tri-Tone Samba Whistle;Crafted of anodized aluminum;Gold;
kr 401,00
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NINO Steel Tongue Drom, White
kr 525,00
10+ på lager