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Latin Percussion LP559T-AWC Conga Classic Top Tuning - Conga 11 3/4"

SKU: 7337939
kr 6 716,00
LP Classic Top Tuning Congas allow you tune from the top without having to turn the conga. On-the-fly tuning adjustments can be made easily, even in the middle of a set, making them the ideal conga for any live performance.;
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  • Height: 30"
  • Body: Siam Oak
  • Shell construction: + 3 layers+ reinforcement layer from fibreglass (shell bores)+ internal reinforcement peg
  • Hand selected natural rawhide
  • Hoops: Modified Extended Comfort Curve II (Z Series Profile)
  • Tension rods: 5/16" (LP2555)
  • Microphone Tuning lugs: no
  • Tuning system: Top Tuning, patented (quick tuning with tension rods, no turning of conga)
  • Side plates: Top Tuning (LP2560)
  • Conga handle: Professional (LP224)
  • Mount bracket: + Classic Mount Bracket (Typ LP912)+ Bores for up to 2 brackets (1" hole spacing)
  • Hardware Finish: Chrome
  • ProCare Shell Protectors
  • Finish: Natural (shiny)