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5“;Mountable;Black;1/2" spring-loaded clamping;High pitched, bright sound with a moderate overtone;The slightly rounded playing surface always produces a good sound;Made in USA;
kr 606,00
5+ på lager
With a pitched playing surface, the LP Mambo Cowbell delivers a satisfying deep pitch that is ideal for a timbale set-up. Made in the USA, the bell features LP’s patented self-aligning eye-bolt that fits 3/8” to 1/2” diameter rods.
kr 774,00
5+ på lager
4,625“;Mountable on 3/8“;Black;
kr 452,00
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5,5'';Mountable;Black;Tuned a whole step lower in pitch, moderately dry sound with dynamic projection;Similar shape as its namesake but with a wider mouth;Made in the USA;
kr 683,00
5+ på lager
5'';Mountable;Chrome-plated;Brighter pitch;Fully welded seams;Made in the USA;
kr 1 279,00
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8“;Mountable on 3/8'' bars and 1/2 rods;Black;Patented;Based on the Sergio Salsa Cowbell with a yellow Jenigor ridge;Jenigor bar dampens sound and resists denting;Lower pitch than the Rock Ridge Rider;Made in the USA;
kr 1 084,00
5+ på lager
8“;Mountable on 3/8'' bars and 1/2 rods;Black;Patented, based on the LP Rock Cowbell with a red Jenigor ridge;Jenigor bar dampens sound and resists denting;Somewhat higher in pitch than the LP Rock Classic Ridge Rider bell;Made in the USA;
kr 1 102,00
5+ på lager
3", 4", 5.5";Mountable;Black;Patented V-Mount and memory lock for 3/8" and 1/2" stands;Can be used as a set or individually;Made in USA;
kr 2 754,00
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Headliner Cowbell 8''
kr 440,00
10+ på lager