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Kemper PROFILER™ Head (Black)

Produsent: KEMPER
SKU: 0866446
kr 18 699,00
PROFILER™ Head guitar amp. Black faceplate and green housing. This product variant doesn’t include a power amplifier.
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* 4x individual effect modules pre, 4x individual effect modules post amplifier and cabinet ** analog MAIN OUTPUT (mono/stereo, balanced/unbalanced) with ground lift, analog MONITOR OUTPUT (mono/stereo) with ground lift, HEADPHONE OUTPUT, Effect Loop (mono/stereo, PROFILER Stage offers two effect loops) with ground lift, guitar INPUT, mono/stereo Auxiliary Input, digital S/PDIF IN and OUT *** 2x PEDAL (for expression pedals and single/dual switches, PROFILER Stage and Remote offer 4x PEDAL), 2x USB (Host and Device), Ethernet (n. a. at PROFILER Stage), 3x MIDI (IN/OUT/THRU), PROFILER Stage offers 2x MIDI (IN/OUT)