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Kawai CA 98 R

Produsent: Kawai
SKU: 5798733
kr 34 995,00
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GARANTIVILKÅR for Kawai DigitalpianoKawai CA 98 BThe Concert Grand experience in the comfort of your home.Combining Kawai’s industry-leading Grand Feel II wooden-key keyboard action, stunning SK-EX Rendering piano sound engine with multi-channel sampling and resonance modelling, premium amplification and speaker technologies powered by Onkyo, and an authentic wooden soundboard, the CA98 delivers one of the finest grand piano experiences available in a digital instrument. - Industry-leading Grand Feel II wooden-key keyboard action- Ebony Ivory Touch key surfaces, 3-sensor, let-off, counterweights - SK-EX Rendering piano sound engine with multi-channel sampling- Premium audio processing and amplification powered by Onkyo- Premium Onkyo speaker system featuring TwinDrive soundboard- Integrated Bluetooth® MIDI and Audio wireless technology- Modern 5? LCD touchscreen display embedded within cheekblock- MP3/WAV/SMF playback, record, and overdub to USB- Spatial Headphone Sound for enhanced depth and realism- Attractive, modern cabinet with 6-position adjustable music restColour: Black