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JN Guitars Cask Hogscoal Cigarbox m/bag

Produsent: JN GUITARS
SKU: 1312825
kr 2 938,00
JN Guitars Cask Hogscoal Cigarbox m/bag
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Stagg Cask Hogscoal cigarbox m/bagAcoustic-electric Cigar Box Guitar with 4 strings, sapele top, Cask series- Top: Sapele- Back and sides: Sapele- Neck: Mahogany, with truss rod - Fingerboard: Ovangkol, with ABS inlays - Bridge: Ovangkol- Nut and saddle: ABS- Soundhole: Two holes with synthetic wood cover- Machine heads: Diecast, nickel with chrome knobs- Electronics: P-90 pickup, 8.0K, 4.5H, with tone and volume controls- Included: Bag- Colour: Cask Coal- Finish: Open poreHOGSCOAL is the electric version of the FIRKIN model, with F style sound holes designed to minimize the feedback. This guitar is equipped with a P90 dog ear pickup, which produces a creamy and bluesy sound, and with tone and volume controls. You are ready to rock!