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Hotone B Station

Produsent: Hotone
SKU: 4469675
kr 999,00

Bass Preamp med DI, Mute, egen dedikert vrengkanal og FX-loop

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Powerful Bass Preamp
The B Station is the perfect way to give your bass guitar life, featuring a range of controls to enhance your performance on the stage and in the studio. A range of inputs allows you to connect with bass amps, audio interfaces, mixers, and other gear, with the D.I. output allowing you to feed your signal directly with mixers and recording devices. A headphone jack provides silent practice, letting you plug and play without disturbing anyone around you. Its compact design and strong aluminium casing makes it perfect for the road, taking up little room and keeping the electronics safe and secure. The pedal also features a switchable FX loop, letting you plug in extra FX pedals and other equipment to extended your bass’ dimensions.

Excellent Tone Shaping
The 3-band EQ provides control over the low, mid, and high frequencies, with a pre/post switch to control whether it functions before or after the drive channel. The master volume control adjusts the level of the whole pedal, while the on/off footswitch lets you bypass the pedal when not in use. A drive channel provides an extended tonal range, letting you give your sound a slight overdriven character, or turning it up all the way for mass distortion. The blend lets you adjust how much of the direct signal is affected by the driven signal, while the carefully designed optical compressor keeps everything tight. A ground lift function helps eliminate any ground-related feedback, ensuring the tone remains crisp and clean.


  • Compact size, rock solid aluminum casing
  • Powerful 3-band EQ with pre/post selection for enhancing and shaping your bass tone
  • DRIVE channel with a wide tonal range from slight overdrive to mass distortion
  • Carefully designed, set-to-forget optical compressor onboard
  • BLEND knob for combining driven signal and direct signal
  • Pristine DI output for feeding the signal directly to the mixer or for recording
  • FX Loop for extended bass effects
  • Different outputs (XLR out, 1/4” output, 1/4” parallel output) to run through bass amps, audio interfaces, mixers, and other gear
  • PHONES jack for silent practice
  • Ground lift function for eliminating ground-related noise
  • 9V DC or 9V battery power supply



• Controls: Blend, Drive, Comp, Volume, Bass, Middle, Treble
• Input impedance: 1M Ohms
• Output impedance: Output Jack: 100 Ohms, Direct Output Jack: 100 Ohms
• Headphones Output: 120mW (16 Ohms Load)
• Power Requirement: 9V DC Centre Negative
• Current Consumption: 65mA


• Height: 54mm
• Width: 120mm
• Depth: 140mm
• Weight: 480g