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HK Audio VR2-11215

Produsent: HK Audio
SKU: 6340500
kr 32 039,00
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VORTIS 2 series speakers come with one of three different types of high-frequency horns. Their horizontal-by-vertical directivities are 60° x 40°, 90° x 55° and 60°-90° x 55° (asymmetrical).All horns may be rotated 90° to give you more coverage options for an even wider range of applications.Simulation-data in the GLL-format for EASE and EASE FOCUS 3 allow for secure planning and the right choice of the responding high-frequency horn. The EU Construction Products Regulation requires a manufacturer’s declaration and test report from an independent accredited testing laboratory (CNBOP-PIB). Both are on file for VORTIS 2 products. All VORTIS 2 series models deliver neutral response, high maximum sound pressure levels, uniform coverage and constant directivity at and beyond 1,000 Hz. The trapezoidal housing is made of birch plywood covered in a heavy-duty, two-component textured coating.The bass/midrange woofer’s double-sided moisture-proofing sides and the cabinet interior’s two-component coating ensure long life even in challenging environmental conditions.An IP 55-rated version (protected against dirt and water spray) is optionally available, as is a resilient polyurethane coating for the housing. A front grille protects the speaker front in compliance with the German DIN 18032-3 standard for ball impacts. The acoustically-engineered fabric that serves as the grille cloth is dirt-repellent and flame-retardant as set out by DIN 4102-B2.Enclosures and grille cloths come in more than 30 colors. Three each M10 threaded inserts on the top, bottom and rear panels and two M10 threaded inserts on the side panels serve to connect mounting hardware and fall protectiondevices such as arrest wires. A wide range of swiveling and tilting wall brackets is also available.