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Latin Percussion Castanets Machine - LP427

Castanets Machine -
kr 485,00
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Latin Percussion Guiro CP Cylinder - CP249

Guiro CP Cylinder -
kr 276,00
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Meinl Percussion GU9

Turbo Guiro
kr 395,00
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Nino Percussion NINO37

Handtrumma 12''
kr 785,00
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Nino Percussion NINO555

Guiro wood
kr 245,00
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Nino Percussion NINO581R

Mini guiro
kr 185,00
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Nino Percussion NINO585

Hand castanet
kr 205,00
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Nino Percussion NINO602R

Wha-Wha Tube, Red
kr 155,00
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Nino Percussion NINO961B

Wrist Bell
kr 50,00
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Remo Bodhran, Brian Howard, Pre-Tuned, 14" , 3 1/2" Depth, Venwood Emerald Green

The Valencia Brian Howard Bodhran features a soft attack with deep bass tones and is capable of producing pitch-bending notes.
kr 2 424,00
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Remo Pandeiro, Choro Pandeiro, 10" x 1.75" Key-Tuned, Skyndeep Goat Brown Ultratac Drumhead, Satin Brass Aperture Jingles, Antique Veneer, Brown Finish

The Valencia Choro Pandeiro features a low bass fundamental with a combination of articulated jingle sounds.
kr 2 596,00
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Remo Sound ShapeS, Circle Pack, 6"/8.25"/10.5"/12.75"/15", 5 Pc., Random Colors

The Sound Shapes® Circle Pack features five circular shapes in different diameters and colors with specific pre-tuned pitch relationships.
kr 1 183,00
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