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Groove Tubes GT-KT88-SV Med Duet

Produsent: Groove Tubes
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tube GT-KT88-SV med duet
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EXCLUSIVE GT design. This is the highest-outputpower tube in the 6550/KT88 family, with special heat dissipation wings on the plate that let it reach the
same power specs as the original Gold Lion KT88 of the ’60s. The best, most durable and most powerful tone in the family, with outstanding dynamic response
and big bottom end. The definitive tube for bass amps, country, jazz, metal and any situation in which most of the tone shaping occurs in the preamp, pedals or
effects. Amazing high-horsepower delivery of clean tone.

Power Tubes
One of the highest-output 8-pin pentodes available. Originally manufactured in the United States by G.E.®, it delivers 35 to 50 watts per tube and was original equipment in Ampeg SVT and Marshall® amps during the ’70s and early ’80s. A big, clean, tight tube with amazing headroom and performance and great power and dynamics. A similar tubes is the KT88 (used by Sunn® and others). The highest-output power tube in this family.

Matched pair of KT88 tubes in “medium” power range.