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Gretsch shell set Renown Maple - Copper Premium Sparkle RN2-E8246

Produsent: Gretsch
SKU: 3770306
kr 19 219,00
7-ply maple shell;30° bearing edge;Gretsch 'Silver Sealer' inner shell coating ;Gretsch '302' steel hoop;'Low Profile' tom mounting system;Bass drums with round Gretsch tom brackets;Chrome hardware;Remo heads;Shell set;10" x 7" TT, 12" x 8" TT, 16" x 14" FT, 22" x 18" BD;Double tom holder included;RN2-E8246;Without cymbals;
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1Oslo - Schous plass
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Renown looks as good as ever, with numerous appointments that are traditionally Gretsch, including a lightweight, off-the-shell mounting system, distinctively styled lugs, brackets, memory locks and bass drum spurs and the classic “T-Wing” screw. The 2016 Renown comes in a variety of popular configurations and finishes. Individual toms, snare drums and bass drums are also available.