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Gretsch shell set Catalina Birch Limited - Blue Silver Duco

Produsent: Gretsch
SKU: 0297868
kr 9 629,00
7-ply birch shell 30° bearing edge. 2.3 mm steel hoop. Chrome hardware. Gretsch heads made by Remo. Double tom holder included. Shell Set sizes; 10" x 7" TT / 12" x 8" TT / 16" x 16" FT / 22" x 16" BD / 14" x 5.5" SD. CS1-E625 Without cymbals
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Since their introduction in 2001, the Gretsch Catalina Club and Maple series have been valued for their quality and reasonable price by students, teachers and touring drummers around the world.

The Catalina Birch Special Edition extends the line's sound portfolio with 7-ply birch shells, which creates distinctive highs and more brilliance. A 30° bearing edge, sturdy 2.3 mm steel hoops, the slim 2-point "low-profile" tom mount and Remo heads together with the classic hardware design garantees the Gretsch feeling while playing.