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Fulltone - Supa-Trem II V2 - True-Stereo Analog Trem with Tap-Tempo

Produsent: Fulltone
SKU: 9810912
kr 3 540,00
Fulltone - Supa-Trem II V2 - True-Stereo Analog Trem with Tap-Tempo
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Fulltone Supa-Trem 2 v2 Upgraded tremolo and now even smaller! The Supa-Trem 2 v2 has two identical separate circuits in true stereo with 2 inputs and 2 outputs. It also has enhanced-bypass thanks to hi-quality JFET buffered outputs, plus offers Tap Tempo with speeds so slow that it takes 6+ seconds to pan between the outputs or super-fast speeds in excess of 200bpm. Holding down on the Tap Tempo switch for 3/4 of a second enables true Half-Speed/Double-Speed. The Volume knob has 15db of available Boost, which acts as a fine clean boost with the Mix knob down. The Phase Correlation knob is a Fulltone exclusive allowing you to throw the outputs any degree in or out of Phase with each other, giving a hint of "naturally occurring" Harmonic Phase-shift as your guitar pans between the amps with the knob set full out of phase or a massive throbbing Tremolo with no panning when knob is set to full in-phase. Then there's the waveform switch that offers either a standard sine, a true square which is brutally abrupt and choppy at any speed even with hi-gain amps, and "Warble," to approximate vintage Leslie and Univibe waveforms. Version 2 is about half the size of the Supa-Trem 2 and debuts the incredible square wave mode. v2 also adds an external tape jack. Finally, v2 has the same JFET inputs, JFET op-amps, and JFET outputs, but with the latest Fulltone Custom Made Optocouplers offering a far wider range of Tremolo intensities than previously available.