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Foxgear Multitune

Foxgear Tuner
kr 939,00
Produsent: Foxgear
SKU: 5294655
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The Foxgear Multitune is, without a doubt, the best tuner on the market today and actually the only existing Polyphonic tuner able to work in polyphonic mode with any open tunings. We utilized a powerful Analog Devices DSP giving us the higher computing power available to run our note-detection software and a digital compressor that allows you to perfectly tune every single note just by gently striking the strings only once, Multitune will give you the time necessary to perfectly adjust the tuning with an almost not-measurable" accuracy. The Multitune boasts relay assisted, true-bypass circuitry with zero effect on your clean signal. With the bypass on, the Multitune is always active, the audio path (100% Analog) is not affected and the signal goes thru, letting you quickly check the whole situation on its big display, working in polyphonic mode. Then, when you press the footswitch, it shift in Chromatic mode and let you fine tuning the strings needing to be adjusted. Very easy, just take a look at it while you are playing, if the six line are green, everything is fine, if you spot some little red lights, well, you just press the button, it will mute the signal and let you fix the problem with the Chromatic mode. The Multitune is suited for stringed instruments in the range of A0 to C8. Features • Super simple, small size, top jack configuration. • It stays always ON when a signal is present, in Polyphonic mode. • Switch the button to Mute the signal and shift to Chromatic mode for fine tuning. • Super big and bright display. • High power processor, super accuracy and easy-to-use. • Both Chromatic or Polyphonic mode. • Relay assisted True bypass, 100% analog signal and 0 effect on your clean tone. • Foxgear quality components and 5 year warranty."