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Ampeg PN-410HLF

Designed & Assembled in USA, Neodymium 2x10" Speaker Cabinet, 550W RMS
kr 19 379,00

Ampeg RB-210

The 500-watt Ampeg Rocket Bass RB-210 is the ideal gigging and recording amp, combining unparalleled performance, classy ’60-style looks, and robust features in a lightweight and portable package.
kr 9 424,00

Ampeg Rocket Bass RB-108

The ideal practice amp for pros and beginners alike.
kr 1 799,00
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Ampeg Rocket Bass RB-110

The 50-watt RB-110 is an ideal amp for practicing and playing small venues.
kr 2 949,00
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Ampeg Rocket Bass RB-112

100 watts bass combo
kr 4 999,00 kr 5 529,00
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Ampeg Rocket Bass RB-115

kr 6 499,00 kr 7 619,00
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Ampeg SVT-112AV

1x12" Ported, Horn-loaded Speaker Cabinet, 300W RMS, SVT-VR
kr 7 745,00

Ampeg SVT-15E

1x15" Speaker Cabinet, 200W RMS, SVT-CL
kr 8 385,00

Ampeg SVT-210AV

2x10" Speaker Cabinet, 200W RMS, SVT-VR/AV
kr 3 999,00 kr 4 569,00

Ampeg SVT-210AV RED

kr 4 781,25

Ampeg SVT-212AV

2x12" Ported, Horn-loaded Speaker Cabinet, 600W RMS, SVT-VR
kr 10 970,00

Ampeg SVT-3PRO//EU

450W, Tube Preamp, Solid State Power Amp
kr 16 794,00

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