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EarthQuaker Devices - Levitation V2 - Reverberation Machine

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EarthQuaker Devices - Levitation V2 - Reverberation Machine
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The Levitation V2 is a sonic salutation to the deep ringing reverb tones synonymous with classic psych rock. Its vintage-voiced algorithm is set to conjour everything from dirty sixties chamber reverbs, splashy springs and big reverberating plates. Levitation V2 is the equivalence of a tonal time machine, transporting your tone back to days gone by   Four knobs and one switch control quite a bit more than you’d expect. Want a slap back small room sound? Set all of your controls to the minimum and use the mix to dial in the sound of room devoid of anything but a guitar and amp. Want to revel in infinite spatial oscillations? Flip the toggle to long, turn up the atmosphere and decay then tune out. Dial in a bright chiming slap back by turning the tone all the way counter clockwise and reducing the decay. For a rattling, full-bandwidth assault, dime everything and let ‘er rip. The Levitation V2 has a fully analog dry signal path, fully digital wet path, new electronic relay based true-bypass switching, new upgraded op-amps for even better performance and lower noise, plus a new cool artwork. It is powered by a standard 9-volt DC power supply with a 2.1mm negative center barrel and has a current draw of 50ma. Each Levitation V2 is built by hand in Akron, Ohio, USA.