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DVMARK FG 212 V [2015]

Produsent: DV Mark
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Dvmark Frank Gambale Signature 212This cabinet is mono, the two connections on the rear are in parallel.Guitar legend Frank Gambale's power, character and virtuosity are immediately recognizable. If you aren't yet aware of this, check him out live and witness his amazing sweep picking technique, which remains in a class of its own—despite widespread imitation. Frank Gambale's signature FG 212 V is a vertical, open-back, slant-top cabinet features two DV Mark Neoclassic speakers with great balance in frequencies range and an impressive 300W power handling.The slant of the top speaker of the FG 212 V Frank Gambale signature cabinet allows you to maintain the low-end you get from keeping the cabinet on the floor, but also keeps one speaker aimed at ear-level for on stage clarity of the mids and highs. The split-stack design make it a perfect match for the MULTIAMP FG and MULTIAMP stereo setup utilizing one for each side; of course you can't go wrong using one for mono setup with MULTIAMPs, all the DV Mark amp heads or whatever your preference of amp heads. It's incredibly lightweight (only 24.91 lbs. / 11.3 Kg) – and perfect for any size venue. The BlackWhite very cool look is the hallmark of Gambale’s signature combo and cabinet(and Multiamp FG special edition) models and it shows the passion that went into its design and manufacturing. The personality of this signature cabinet is not only heard, it's also seen!Speakers: 2x12" DV Neoclassic 150 Cab Power Handling: 300W RMS (AES Standard)Impedance: 8 ohms Cabinet: open backDimensions (W/H/D):16.85" / 42.8 cm | 30.04" / 76.3 cm | 13.19" / 33.5 cmWeight: 24.91 lbs / 11.3 Kg