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DVMARK DV NEOCLASSIC 412The DV NEOCLASSIC 412 4x12” closed-back speaker cab provides a great classic, deep punchy sound , and makes for a very responsive rig when matched with any DV Mark head, Multiamp, and any other head or stereo amps you may use.This cabinet offers mono and stereo functionality (8 ohms mono / 2 x 16 ohms stereo) and with its impressive 600 watts of power handling, it can handle powerful heads with high-headroom performance on bigger stages.Thanks to our super lightweight neo magnets, you can easily carry and set up a 4x12" cab without help. The DV NEOCLASSIC series feature a super lightweight neo magnet custom made by DV Mark. These innovative speakers are the result of hard work and many test on neodymium speaker tonal character: a lightweight speaker that sounds and response like a classic speaker.SPEAKER SIZE: 4x12” Neoclassic DV Mark custom-made CAB POWER HANDLING (AES STANDARD): 600W RMS IMPEDANCE: 8 ohms (mono) or 2x 16 ohms (stereo)CABINET: slant top, closed backWIDTH: 27.75" / 70.5 cmHEIGHT: 30.12" / 76.5 cmDEPTH: 13.18"/ 33.5 cmWEIGHT: 48.9 lbs / 22.2 kg