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MARKBASS DV 212 GH GREG HOWE SignatureDuring his visites at our company DV Mark top-artist and guitar hero Greg Howe strictly worked with Marco De Virgiliis, testing and comparing many speakers and cab design to develope the DV 212 GH. It not only fits Greg’s taste and needs but it’s a great choice for every guitarist!The DV NEOCLASSIC cabinets series features super lightweight neodymium magnets custom made by DV Mark.These innovative speakers are the result of hard work and several tests on neodymium speakers tonal character: a lightweight speaker that sounds and reacts like a classic speaker.The DV 212 GH Greg Howe signature features a couple of 12” Neoclassic speakers into a deeper cabinet, offering full and balanced sound. The closed-back design gives warmth, clarity and impressive lowend punch allowing to get the 4x12” feel in smaller size.It can be matched with any DV Mark head (or any other guitar head you use), thanks to its 300W power handling allowing to manage any full power sized head.Like the other DV Mark cabinets, it's super light-weight and easy to carry everywhere, it only weighs 13.4 kg!SPEAKER SIZE: 2x12” Neoclassic DV Mark custom-made CAB POWER HANDLING (AES STANDARD): 300W RMS IMPEDANCE: 8 ohms mono / 2x16 ohms stereoCABINET: closed backWIDTH: 70 cmHEIGHT: 45 cmDEPTH: 36 cmWEIGHT: 13.4 kg Product specifications are subject to change without notice.MARKBASS DV 212 GH produktark