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Drum Workshop Snare stand 3000 Series - DWCP3300A

Medium heavy hardware;Double braced;Glide Basket Tilter;Air Pocket Crutch Tips;
kr 1 372,00
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Drum Workshop Snare stand 5000 Series - 5300

Gear segment angle setter;Memory clamp;Double braced;Basket height 47-69 cm;For 13-14" snares;
kr 2 058,00
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Drum Workshop Snare stand 6000 series - DWCP6300UL

Ultralight Series;Single braced;Weight: 1,15 kg;Height: 40 - 65 cm;Infinitely adjustable snare basket;
kr 1 316,00

Drum Workshop Snare stand 9000 Series - 9300

Horizontally and vertically infinitely variable snare basket angle;Techlock drum key locking mechanism;Detachable snare basket in offset-design;Comfort memory clamps;Double braced;For 13-15" snares;
kr 2 762,00

Drum Workshop Snare throw-off MAG™ Throw off - SPMAGCR Chrome

Unique horizontal setting screw for the adjustment of the snare wire;Including magnet;Hole spacing is fitting for all former DW throw offs;
kr 723,00

Drum Workshop Snare wire self-centering snare-wire system - 14" DWSMTT2014SC

Self-centering snare-wire system;Fits DW MAG Snare throw-off;
kr 464,00

Drum Workshop Stacker - DWSM906

To mount/stack an additional cymbal on a cymbal arm;Infinitely variable felt spacing adjuster;Suitable for all cymbal stands/holders with an M8 thread ;Length 6";
kr 315,00
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Drum Workshop Tom holder - DWSM991

For attaching a tom on to a stand ;With ball joint ;To screw on to almost every type of cymbal stand ;L-arm 1/2";
kr 649,00
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