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Drum Workshop Pedal accessory Bass Drum Beater - DWSM110

Direct Drive Beater;Round hitting surface;4 applicable weights (10 gram each);Interchangable semi-circular felt, flat felt or plastic striking surface ;Automatic beater head angle correction;Adjustable play feeling due to weights;Beater weight adjustable from 66 g - 106 g in 10 g increments;
kr 411,00
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Drum Workshop Pedal accessory Chain - DWSM1204

Double chain for pedals of the 3000 / 5000 / 7000 series;
kr 197,00

Drum Workshop Pedal accessory Rubber pads - DWSP2225

Rubber pads for Tri-Pivot clamp. Fits all DW pedals with Tri-Pivot. 3 pieces - DWSP2225.
kr 116,00

Drum Workshop Pedal Cajon Pedal - CP5000CJ

Unique Pivot Drive System;DW's patented ball-bearing hinge;Cajon Platform;Adjustable spring tension;DW Soft Touch Beater (DWSP117);Non-slip rubber under the base plate;Incl. bag;Replacement cable DWSP2272 sold separately as 802.500.2272;
kr 3 360,00
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Drum Workshop Pedal Cajon Pedal Direct Drive - 5000CJDL

Glide Track Drive System;Direct linkage;Telescoping beater hub;Ball bearing spring tension adjustment;Cajon platform;Adjustable beater, rounded or straight;3 different linkage lengths;Easy alteration to left-handed version;
kr 4 377,00
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Drum Workshop Pedal Direct Drive - Direct Drive Single

Made from aluminium;Direct drive;Better hoop connection;Beater with adjustable weights;
kr 7 428,00
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Drum Workshop Pedal Machined Chain Drive - DWCPMCD Single

Made from aluminium;Beater with adjustable weights;Infinite adjustment between round and eccentric gearwheel;Tri-Pivot Swivel Toe-Clamp;Fix clamp on the side;With bag;
kr 7 428,00
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Drum Workshop Piccolo Toms Design Series - 10"

Chrome-plated steel shell;Depth 2,5";With TB12 bracket;
kr 1 500,00