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Big Fat Snare Drum 14" Steve's Donut

kr 410,00
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Big Fat Snare Drum 16" BFSD - Steve's Donut

16" - Steve's Donut
kr 389,00
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Big Fat Snare Drum 16" BFSD - The Original

16" - The Original
kr 389,00
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Big Fat Snare Drum 16" Snare-Bourine

kr 625,00
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Evans 1.5 Inch E-Ring - 13 Inch

E-Ring 13''-1,5''
kr 50,00
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Evans E-Ring Pack, Snare

E-Ring Snare pack (2 x 14'')
kr 150,00
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Evans Marching Staccato Disk, 14"

14'' Stacc. Disk 14-tum
kr 179,00

Evans Min-EMAD Tom and Snare Damping

Evans tom damper
kr 105,00

Gibraltar Bass drum accessory Felt Strips - SC-BF

Mounts to the inside of the drum head;Suitable for bass drums up to size 26";
kr 76,00
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Remo 22" Muff’l Control Ring Individual Basstromme

The Muff’l® Control Ring features foam rings mounted in drums with specially designed trays that hold them in place to provide partial dampening for Tom, Snare and Bass drums.
kr 514,00
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Designed in conjunction with Dave Weckl, the Adjustable Bass Drum Dampener provides drummers the ability to adjust the tone and feel on any size bass drum at all tuning ranges.
kr 569,00
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Remo O Ring Set, Self Adhesive, One 8" Clear Dot, Five O Ring Sets, 8" - 13"

The O Ring Self Adhesive Set is applicable on various drumheads and acts as a sound control that reduces overtones while increasing bass fundamentals.
kr 271,00