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Death By Audio - Evil Filter

Produsent: Death By Audio
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Death By Audio - Evil Filter
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EVIL FILTER Psycho HP/BP/LP filter with a sleek, laser etched enclosure. Can be pushed past the limit into octaves up, down, and folding envelopes. Its medical grade IC chip creates a hyper precise filter that sounds like no other. The Evil Fuzz takes signals into a much darker dimension, offering an inverted compression toggle to push sounds even further into the depths. Using the CV/Expression input, you can control the filter cutoff frequency with an expression pedal or synthesizer. CONTROLS • Filter Freq: Cutoff frequency of the filter. Numbers shown are in Hz. • Filter Output: Volume of the filter section of the pedal. • Filter Selector: Selects between the different filter types - Low Pass, Band Pass, and High Pass. • Filter Resonance: Sets the resonance of the filter in conjunction with the Resonance Switch. WARNING: Will self oscillate at high levels! • Resonance Switch: Sets the range of the Filter Resonance knob between Normal and High. • Fuzz Output: Volume of the fuzz section of the pedal. • Fuzz Type Switch: Choose between two different fuzzes - lower for a cleaner, more driving fuzz, higher for a blasted out, blooming, insane fuzz. • EXP/CV Input: Plug in CV control (~0-3.0v) or an expression pedal for external control of the Filter Freq knob. The Filter Freq knob sets the range for the EXP/CV input.