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D'Addario Reserve, Baritone Saxophone Reeds, Strength 4.0, 5-Pack

Produsent: D'ADDARIO
SKU: 9937213
kr 460,00
Rørblad Reserve Baritone-sax 5-p 4.0
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DLR0540. D'Addario Reserve Barytonsaxrør, 5-pack, # 4.0. Reserve reeds are unfiled and feature a thicker spine and blank, allowing for ease of registral changes. The Reserve reed is ideally suited for solo and chamber performance. Reserve reeds are made from lower-internode cane, which comes from the first four tubes of the cane stalk, yielding greater consistency from reed to reed. • High-density cane produces more durable, consistent reeds. • Color video inspection sorts cane quality. • Optical laser measurements ensure accuracy. • Precision natural-diamond cutting blades maintain reed consistency.