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Coppersound Active ABY

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ABY with two, independant JFET buffers
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The CopperSound Active ABY pedal is a simple and handy utility device designed to turn one input into two separate outputs, or two separate inputs into one combined output.

Great for running a stereo rig (send drives and boosts to one amp, and mods and time based to another). Run two instruments into the same amp and use this to choose which is active. The ABY can also act as a mute switch for silent instrument changes. It can also be used to take your tuner out of your signal chain.

The Active ABY contains two independent JFET buffers, allowing the player to split their signal while maintaining low impendenace on both signal paths. The footswitch washers are color coordinated to their corresponding output jack.

Requires 9 volt center negative 2.1mm x 5.5mm barrel (Boss style).