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Carl Martin VIN COMP/LIMITER 2018

Produsent: Carl Martin
SKU: 1191810
kr 2 128,00
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Carl Martin Vin Comp/limiterJust like the Carl Martin Comp/Limiter, we believe this unit to be the most musically useful guitar dynamics processor on the market. The Carl Martin Comp/Limiter has been developed on request from working musicians to create a very user-friendly yet versatile compressor/limiter, which takes limited real-estate on the board. The result is this new small handy cool anodized pedal designed for a smaller pedal board footprint,In order to save knobs and to be as user-friendly as possible, the Threshold and Response settings are fixed from factory, leaving the pedal with only two knobs, the Comp and Level. The Carl Martin Comp/Limiter has been developed to incorporate the same features, sonic clarity, quietness, and performance of the best studio compressor/limiters. Spend a little time with your new Carl Martin Comp/Limiter and you can learn how to get the most out of your pedal. The Carl Martin Comp/Limiter incorporates the special CM developed DC/DC converter circuitry. This enables us to run the pedal with +-12V internally, which is necessary in order to maintain the same sonic quality and headroom as on the “old” Compressor/Limiter, using a regular 9V DC 200mA external power supply.