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Produsent: Carl Martin
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CM LICK BOX SIGNATURE GREG HOWEGreg Howe's Lick BoxCarl Martin is proud to announce the release of the new Greg Howe Signature pedalthe Lick Box August 1st.A pedal that combine Greg's unique High Gain and Crunch tones. So what is this crazy pedal? Well, at first glance it looks like many other Carl Martin pedals...there is a High Gain channel which has loads of bottom end and nice crisp highs, a very dynamic Crunch channel which emphasises the mids with very little compression, and of course that famous 12db Boost channel that we are all so familiar with. So that's it? Ok, so the High Gain and Crunch channels were voiced to Greg's spec's, but it's still just a pedalbased on Greg Howe's own signature tones? Nope....underneath the simple cosmetics is a rethinking of how these channels work together. By placing the High Gain first in the chain, you allow the Crunch voicing to overrule the High Gainwhile adding a few db to your volume.