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Camps and Hermanos Camps - Signature Models - M-16-S Top in solid Spruce

SKU: 6405252
kr 24 995,00
M-16-S Top in solid Spruce, back and sides in solid Rosewood, Ebony Fingerboard.Truss rod. Include Stirofoam case
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Concert classical guitar with stunning aesthetics. There is a lot of extra detailing on this model, including multiple purflings on the top and back, and a perfectly executed rosette, all done in an unbeatable tasteful way.
The tonal color palette is huge on this guitar and the dynamic range second to none, perfectly balanced and excellent sustain.
At first moment, a gratifying comfort is felt, an pleasant ergonomic neck. It contains the truss rod placed inside the neck which facilitates two important advantages. On one hand bending problems are avoided, and on the other hand it is possible to build narrower necks, getting thus the desirable ergonomics.