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Blackstar Series One 100 Head

Produsent: Blackstar
SKU: 1997057
kr 13 999,00
Series One valve guitar amps deliver incredible high gain performance with a level of tonal refinement found previously in only the very best boutique and vintage amps.
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Series One is the New #1 in professional valve guitar amps. Designed to produce the ultimate guitar tone, built to withstand the rigors of touring. With its dual patent design, Series One raises the bar for valve tone and flexibility. At home, in the studio or on the road, our award-winning Series One valve amps will always deliver. Whether its build quality or tonal excellence, no compromises have been made - if you are looking for the ultimate, professional high gain valve amplifier, why compromise? We didn’t.

Built on the rock-solid foundation of the classic 100W EL34 power stage, this amplifier sets new standards for clean and crunch tones. This amp features two channels and four footswitchable modes, complete with ISF, and include the amazing Super Crunch for the biggest, crunchiest tones yet heard.

The DPR control allows power to be reduced to 10W for studio and small venue work, while a series effects loop and MIDI switching further expand the flexibility of this professionally specified amplifier.

  • 100 Watt head with built-in DPR power reduction
  • 3 x ECC83, 1 x ECC82, 4 x EL34 valves
  • Clean channel with Warm (Plexi) and Bright (Class A) type modes
  • Overdrive channel with Crunch and Super Crunch modes
  • ISF equipped tone control section
  • Presence control
  • Master Volume
  • Series effects loop
  • MIDI switching
  • Speaker emulated output