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Black Sheep Modulation

Produsent: Black Sheep
SKU: 0618784
kr 910,00
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Modulation Digital Modulations-pedal med 11 olika effekter och en minnesplats Black Sheep Modulation is a guitar effect pedal with 11 of the worlds best classic modulation effects, housed in to one powerhouse micro chassis. Using 32bit high performance DSP chip,Each tone is comparable with other pedal tones. It is a really straightforward pedal to use and has a coherent setup. To create the sound you desire, plug into the standard 1/4 inch jack input and you can adjust the dials until you’re happy with the output. There are three basic dials for you to alter the overall level (your volume), speed, and depth of your effects. It's important to get your speed dial at the right amount to suit you as this fine tunes the complexity of your overall sound output. All Black Sheep Digital pedals have one user memory slot. Just set the sound you want to save, press and hold the footswitch, and the sound is saved. You can then double click the footswitch to toggle between your saved sound and another sound that you have dialed in on the pedal. This is a feature not at all common amongst stompboxes, but really great to have! The Black Sheep Modulation is a compact, true bypass, sturdy built pedal that delivers a plethora of great sounding classic modulation effects at an affordable price. Effects listing: 1. S Chorus 2. T Chorus 3. P Flanger 4. N Flanger 5. Jet 6. Vibe 7. U Vibe 8. Phaser 9. Opto Tremolo 10. Bias Tremolo