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Black Sheep G-Fuzz

Produsent: Black Sheep
SKU: 2708552
kr 600,00
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G-Fuzz Germanium Fuzz-pedal för old school rockmusik Ever since Goree Carter released his 1949 single ”Rock Awhile”, distortion has been the most favored guitar effect in history. Before overdrive/distortion pedals, cranking a small tube amp to max, or even slicing the speaker cone with a razor blade, was common practice to achive the sought after distortion sound. Since the first Fuzz-pedals of the 1960’s, a world of great pedals has built the foundation of rock music as we know it today. Black Sheep pedals are proud to offer boutique quality pedals at prices every guitar player can afford. Black Sheep G-Fuzz is a Vintage Fuzz pedal that achieves classic fuzz tones of the late '60s/early '70s era. It's simple controls allow the G-Fuzz to do one thing and do it well, taking you from classic rock to contemporary fusion. Fuzz has been applied to guitar signals to weave a unique musical texture - either by itself, or to aggravate the input of an already overdriven tube amp. This compact pedals two pots - Volume and Fuzz – let’s you effortlessly dial up anything from relatively tame silken fuzz to snarly, sputtery, and full-on nasty fuzz tone. Its full metal casing makes it durable and road ready, and like most great effects pedals it has true bypass. G-Fuzz gives you that classic late 60’s sound at an affordable price.