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Black Sheep Compression

Produsent: Black Sheep
SKU: 6015384
kr 600,00
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Black Sheep Compressor Kompakt kompressor-pedal med kontoller för Level, Tone, Compression samt omkopplare för Normal/Treble-mode In the early days of Radio, the Leveling Amplifier was created to solve the problems with sudden spikes of audio, a technology that was soon adopted by recording studios. During the decades, musicians and sound engineers have started to use compressors also during live performences to get that wonderful punchy sound. Black Sheep pedals are proud to offer boutique quality pedals at prices every player can afford. The Black Sheep Compresor is a compact, true bypass, sturdy built Compressor pedal with a wide range of compression that will cover most needs, from mild to squashed. It’s very simple to use, with Level, Tone and Comp to fine tune your sound, and also a switch for normal or treble, giving great felxibility when shaping your sound. It runs on any standard Boss-type power supply, 9V DC. With it’s tough aluminium chassis, and also chassis mounted DC inlet, you can take this pedal on the road without any hazzels. The Black Sheep Compressor performs like far more expensive pedals at an increadible price.