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Black Lion Revolution 2x2

Produsent: Black Lion Audio
SKU: 0895587
kr 4 825,00
2x2 Lydkort
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USB 2 Channel Portable Recording Interface – Modded Out Of The Box! Revolution 2×2 is built with the most cutting edge, high-end ICs. High-end Vishay, Nichicon, and Wima capacitors are used throughout the entire circuit. All internal gain-staging has been optimized for the very lowest signal-to-noise ratio. All of the analog I/O has not only been built with the finest components, but are fully decoupled and balanced — right to the very core of the convertor! Most manufacturers do not follow this practice, and that allows extra noise contamination during both capture and playback. Revolution 2×2 – USB 2 Channel Portable Recording Interface – Modded Out Of The Box! Black Lion Audio have been revered as the “king of audio mods” for years, and have modded countless recording interfaces over the years. But since the very beginning, we’ve been asked when we would create our own interface. So, we planned, engineered, and worked — all in secret, for years. It took an impressive amount of design to revolutionize bus-powered, studio-grade interfaces. Now we are responding with Revolution 2×2: the ultimate in portable recording interfaces. Revolution isn’t another run-of-the-mill interface from big brother — it’s the interface the world has always asked for. Don’t just settle for “the cheap and portable” – get an interface that can do more than just start a demo, but actually finish a top-level record from start to finish. Specifications • 24bit, 192KHz USB C interface • Bus Powered • Macro MMC clocking • Analog circuit design utilizing Nichicon, Vishay and Wima capacitors • PG-i power filtering technology • USB Class Compliant • Revolution Software Suite Revolution Software Suite • Studio One Artist • Izotope Elements Suite including Nectar, Neutron, Ozone and RX • BrainWorx BX Digital • Lindell 6X500 Studio One Artist • Mac and PC compatible • Unlimited tracks • Multilingual • 3rd party plugin support