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Alctron VB660

Produsent: Alctron
SKU: 8991376
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Acoustic studio mic screen with 4-layer acoustic absorption material design
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The VB660 is Alctron's latest addition to their impressive range of studio reflection filters. This acoustic screen is built with 4 layers of absorption fleece, plastic, felt and polyester fibre, a light, simple and highly effective solution. Ideal for vocal tracking in a home studio.

Innovative Design
As this reflection filter weighs in less than 2kg, it is highly effective to be used in either the usual upright position, or upside down if your studio boom stand features a down extension. A microphone extension bar is supplied so that you can position your recording mic to the precise distance to or from the reflection filter.

"Must Have" for Vocal Recording
A reflection filter will help create a "dry" vocal recording when using sensitive condenser microphones in a home studio where sound reflections and room noise are apparent. This a good idea for small rooms with hard surfaces and no acoustic treatment. A dry vocal signal is much easier to work on in post production. Using a reflection filter maintains higher frequencies, and tightens low end frequencies.


  • Acoustic studio mic screen
  • 4-layer acoustic absorption material design that imparts near-zero sonic coloration to your tracks
  • Effectively dampen reflections without losing top end
  • Isolation and diffusion to help you gain control your acoustic environment
  • Capture a great-sounding recording anywhere
  • Blue, black, grey and red four color available
  • Adjustable extension bar makes mic in your ideal position


  • Length: 420mm
  • Width: 195mm
  • Height: 305mm
  • Net weight: 1796g
  • Material: absorption fleece, plastic, felt and polyester fiber