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Alctron SD202

Produsent: Alctron
SKU: 4141661
kr 399,00
Kompakt passiv DI-boks
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Passive DI Compact Stereo-to-Mono Direct Input Box
SD202 is a high-performance passive DI box. It delivers warm, vintage-flavored direct sound from your bass, keyboard, or acoustic guitar. SD202 comes with two transformers that balanced your signal and also helps eliminate buzz around environment. SD202 is a mono device, input a stereo signal on TRS and the unit’s convenient stereo-to-mono merge function saves you from having to reset your source to mono. SD202 designed for high output instruments that will often overload active counterparts.

Built Tough to Last
Alctron have made the SD series of DI boxes to withstand the toughest of conditions, as well as be noticeable in low light situations. Each device is made from high quality aluminium, which is resistant to strong impacts. The small form factor also helps in tight space situations. Each DI box in the series is colored differently, which is helpful when in low light. The SD202 has a distinct yellow colour.

Added Features
The SD202 provides a jack output that can be connected to a tuner. There is a pad switch with a selection for -10dB. Also, there is a ground / lift selector switch.


  • High-performance passive DI box
  • Delivers warm, vintage-flavored direct sound
  • Comes with two transformers balanced your signal
  • Helps eliminate buzz around environment
  • Designed for high output instruments
  • Plug and play


  • Type : DI Box
  • Dimensions ( LxWxH ) : 119 mm x 50 mm x 38 mm
  • Distortion : 103dB
  • Signal to noise ratio : 0.05%
  • Output impedance : 142 ohm/1kHz
  • Input impedance : 15 kohm/1kHz
  • Net weight : 223g