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Alctron BX-4

Produsent: Alctron
SKU: 3712325
kr 595,00
Trådløs Bluetooth 4.0 mottaker XLR, mono
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Wireless Bluetooth Audio Receiver The BX-4 is a professional Bluetooth receiver, featuring an XLR connection. Connect your smartphone, tablet or any bluetooth device to a mixer or powered speaker. A stereo-link feature pairs a second BX-4 to transmit your audio signal in stereo. Bluetooth Streaming The BX-4 is a Bluetooth converter with a 4.0 chip. This chip offers high-quality sound and makes the compatibility and integral performance more optimizing. STEREO-LINK button helps BX-4 pairing with another BX-4 to transmit the signal to audio equipment (when BX-4 has already paired with a phone, a tablet such as Bluetooth devices). Features: Bluetooth converter with 4.0 chip High-quality sound transmission Up to 10m STEREO-LINK helps to pair with another BX-4 to transmit a stereo signal to two speakers Specification Bluetooth version:Bluetooth V4.0 Power supply:3.7V lithium battery power supply Standby current:<50uA Working current:≤30mA Temperature range:-40℃ to +80℃ Wireless transmission range:30m Sensitivity:-80dBm<±0.1% BER Frequency range:2.4Ghz-2.480Ghz Signal to noise: ≥75dB Distortion:≤0.1% Charging method:USB charging Net weight:95g Size:33.4*27.5*124mm Stand by:50 days (theoretically) working time:10 hours (theoretically)