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A&F Square Ride 24"

We’ve partnered with an incredible Cymbal Smith out of Chicago by the name of Ray Byrne to create a A&F Drum Co. Oddities Cymbal Line! Ray was kind enough to entertain all our crazy designs and bring them to life, one hand hammered piece at a time!!!
kr 6 175,00

A&F Standard Snare Stand Nickel 10"-16"

Passer til skarptrommer fra 10" til 16" diameter.
kr 2 149,00
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A&F Straight Cymbal Stand Nickel

Straight Cymbal Stand Nickel
kr 1 820,00
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OUTLET | A&F 5.5x14 Solid Maple Snare 8 Lug, Black Matte

Steam Bent Solid Maple, Black Matte, Brass Hoops
kr 12 450,00 kr 15 290,00
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OUTLET | A&F Drum Co 22" Square Ride

kr 4 349,00 kr 5 586,00
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OUTLET | A&F DrumCo 14" Bell Hats

Håndhamret hi-hats i 14" størrelse.
kr 3 599,00 kr 4 950,00
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OUTLET | A&F`ers Bell Brass 14"x6,5 Snare

Skarptromme i messing.
kr 21 999,00 kr 26 992,00
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